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Innovative Simplified Solutions for Efficiency

Laser ISSE was founded in 2003 as the pioneer laser job shop company in Turkey with laser engraving and welding systems, to service and support the rapidly expanding use of laser technology in a wide range of industries.

Through European suppliers, we became a spare parts vendor for equipment such as laser lamps, rods, filters, mirrors, protective windows, lenses, flow tubes, fiber optic cables and goggles for laser machines from different brands in many countries of different continents including: Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Since 2008, we have been producing and providing engraving, cutting and welding systems such as 2D laser engraving and cutting, coil fed laser cutting, robotic applications, and turnkey solutions, with different types of lasers such as Fiber Lasers, Diode Pumped Solid State, Nd:YAG, UV, Disc and CO2.

With our international and dynamic team, we had delivered, and continue to run more than 1400 systems worldwide which were exported to 49 different countries over the past 10 years.

Our aim is to become more engaged in the field of laser technology on a global scale so we exhibited in many trade shows worldwide, we also have the presence in 18 countries, in addition to offices in USA and Germany.

Taking the satisfaction of customers as our topmost priority, we endeavour to offer them more than they would expect, and with our innovative and creative approach, we always fulfil the demands of each customer.

  • Pioneer laser job-shop company in TURKEY
  • Laser Application Center
  • Laser Marking, Welding, Cutting and Cleaning
  • 4000+ clients

Mission Statement

At Laser ISSE, it is our mission to design and produce the preferred and most efficient laser solution for each customer, through our key principles of Performance, Price, Perfection, Processes and People.

We also provide dedicated customer support and service, from the first meeting, and throughout our projects together.


Vision Statement

From humble beginnings, starting with little more than a dream, we now proudly stand next to worldwide well-known LASER industry leaders.

Our focus is firmly set on satisfying each one of our global customers’ expectations, and our determination to be the favoured LASER solution provider.

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Why Choose Us?

On Time Service

With many people today living a fast-paced lifestyle, business also follow suit therefore, we at LaserISSE work with our customers to deliver their laser system (standard or bespoke) ahead of their project start date. We also offer 24-hr Customer Service Support to resolve unexpected problems, as well as help troubleshooting through our ‘Smart Systems’.

Experineced Team

The team at LaserISSE are experts within the Laser Industry and have over 10 years of production experience therefore, you will receive the best advice, latest technology and highest-quality laser solutions. We offer our customers years of knowledge and skills for a complete service, from a simple system through to turnkey solutions.

Decrease Your Cost

Cost is a concern for many businesses, so at LaserISSE we aim to keep costs as low as possible throughout your project. From the initial investment of the laser system through to the power consumption and maintenance, we produce systems which are low cost to run, need very little maintenance and are built to last. We understand that ‘down-time’ is also a cost therefore, our Service Support is a high priority, giving immediate attention (with no hidden costs), enabling our customers to continue their production economically, efficiently and effectively through our core competencies.

Send Our Experts your Samples

We will be delighted to receive samples from you in order for LaserISSE to show you what our systems can achieve for you, using the exact materials you use. We will provide a ‘sample report’ for you to see the results of the work we have done, and we can record the footage for your analysis as well as returning the samples to you. Laserisse have widest range of laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding and laser cleaning machines in our labs, to help serve you better.




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