Laser ISSE welcomes your material samples in our Laser Lab’s.

Through our state of the art, latest technology, laser safe laboratories, we will be delighted to demonstrate what Laser ISSE can achieve for you.

With the experience that our engineers have gained over many years in the laser industry, we will perform laser cutting, welding, marking, engraving and cleaning on a choice of systems, whether it is through standard systems, or utilizing handheld solutions, we have the right equipment for your requirements, and all completely safe.

Using a range of different laser types (eg, Fiber, Disk, Nd:YAG, UV, CO2 etc.), as well as a variety of different powers for each type (up to 6kW), our highly skilled experts can work on your samples (free-of-charge) for you to see the solutions we can provide for your production.

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laser type rofin

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