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Pulsed Fiber Lasers are renowned for their versatility with laser marking being one of the most popular applications..

Laser marking is the process where a material, which can be anything from ceramics, plastics, metals, LEDs, rubber, graphic composites, etc. is marked or labelled with a simple black mark, or in colour (depending upon the material).

Laser Type : Fiber Laser


Laser Source Yb: Fiber – SPI
Average Power 50 W
Beam Quality M2
< 1,6
Max Peak Power (kW) >10
Max Pulse Energy (mJ) >1
Pulse Repetation Frequency Range 1-1000
PulseTune Waveforms 38
Pulse Duration Range(ns) 6-500
Output Power Stability %p-p <5
Air Cooled or Water Cooled Air
Wavelength 1060 nm
Marking Field* 120 mm x 120 mm
Working Distance 163 mm +/-2 mm
Electricity Supply AC 220V ± 10 %, 50Hz – For USA, 110 V +/- %5, 60Hz
Ambient Temperature Range (°C) 0-40
Relative Humidity 5 – 95 % RH (non condensation)
Control System and Plug-In Windows-based software with PC
Clamping Device, Rotary Axis, Class 1 Enclosure, Lens Options, Extraction Unit, X-Y Stage, Rotary Index, Autofocus, Auto Feeder
Lens Options F-thea 163
Marking Field 120 mm x 120 mm
Working Distance 163 mm ± 2
* It varies according to the model and optional equipment.


Rotary Axis

Rotary stage is incorporated into the system to mark on cylindrical items like rings, bracelets and bearing. Our software ensures precise circular movement.

  • High accuracy & outer diameters
  • Maximum Ioad depends on application
  • Pneumatic gripper for easy load/unload

Extraction Unit

A variety of toxic fumes and particles are generated when different materials are being lasered. Fume, dust and particles need to be removed to protect the operator and ensure the quality of application.

  • Synchronized operation with the laser
  • Additional HEPA Filter can be fitted to the fume extractor
  • Lockable cabinet design
  • Recycling of particles generated during the cutting and engraving processes on precious metals by collecting them in the tank

Clamping Device

The clamping device minimizes movement of the part due to heat expansion which occurs during the marking and cutting process.

  • Adjustable width
  • Pneumatic clamps, 6 bar pressure
  • Easy access to work area
  • Encloses by laser safety glass providing protection against 1064 nm beam
  • Drawer allows easy recovery of cut outs

Auto Feeder

You can engrave and cut objects from a metal sheet continously without repositioning the parts in every cycle.

  • Pneumatic valves and motorized movement
  • Faster process without stand by operator
  • Non-stop process capability
  • Drawer makes easy recovery of cut outs possible

XY Translation Stages

XY stage offers a much larger marking area (up to 500mm x 500mm). The travel requirements of the XY stages can be produced to any size and precision according to the requirements of the customer’s application.


Autofocus regulates the distance to the part which to be processed. The system can adjust the focus distance automatically with laser displacement sensor.

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