Laser ISSE Isofix Cleaning System

ISOFIX metal attachments for vehicle seating is an international standard therefore, preparing the ISOFIX parts for secure attachment to the vehicle is vital.

Vehicle manufacturers came to Laser ISSE for Laser Cleaning Systems where only the desired part of the ISOFIX has paint removed to enable a secure attachment of the ISOFIX to the vehicle.

With the paint fully removed from only the critical part of the ISOFIX, it can then be secured to the vehicle, providing a strong and safe anchor point for a child seat, and safety for the passengers.

Laser ISSE’s Laser Cleaning Systems are fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. Laser speeds so quick, it avoids heat build-up and risk of integrity to the part being cleaned.

Clean, fast and easy to use laser systems, always with safety in mind, Under One Roof.


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